Tuesday, 18 June 2019


BackUPMotion is your solution for an online backup to a high-security datacenter.You can choose simple and intuitive which data and when your backup is made.

 Your files get encycrypted directly at your side before they where sent to our datacenter.

You can also easy restore your data by one mouseclick.

Nobody can access or decrypt your data, except yourself! Read more Here

The first backup needed to be transfered complete. This happens highly compressed and encrypted.

All other backups affect only the updated and newly added data, where you can decide how many versions you want to save of each file.

If you have to restore files on new hardware just install BackUP Motion and start restoring! (internetconnection is required). You can select which databases, files, emails should be restored (this saves a lot of time compared to tape backup...)


When you restore, the encrypted data is transmitted compressed and decryption and decompression happens only on your computer.

Please take care of your encryption password since it can not be restored by us.