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Why should i backup my data?

A detailed description of the meaning and purpose of a backup is available HERE.


How do i create my free 30-days trial account?

The trial account will be automatically created during the first start of the application, your just need to enter a username, password and a valid e-mail adress. After account-setup you can use BackUP Motion 30 days for free with 10GB of Storage.


Whats my advantage using ONLINE backup?

Unlike a traditional backup your data is safe even in case of fire, water, theft and many other dangers. Also, you don´t have to change  CD / DVD's or tape*s and enjoy the fact that BackUP Motion is completely maintenance free. Nearly all disadvantages of a traditional backup where eliminated:

  • High failure rates during restoration
  • Slow write and read speed
  • Revovery errors
  • High maintenance costs
  • Expensive external storage of backup media
  • Low flexibility by limited storage capacity of the backup media


Do i need a fast internet connection for using BackUP Motion?

No, a fast internet connection is not required. Starting from ISDN speed incremental backups are possible.
If you want to save a large amount of data but only have a slow connection, we offer a so-called initial backup (a technician transmits the first on-site backup to an external device and then manually to the server.) Thereafter, only differential or incremental backups are made what are only a fraction of the original dataset. Only possible with BackUP Motion Professional.


Doesn´t it take a long time to backup my data to the internet?

No, BackUP Motion encrypts and compresses your data to use as less bandwidth as possible.
Moreover, after the first initial backup, only data is transferred that have changes since last backup!
This is just a little part of the actual amount of data and should not use much time.

An example:

You have  a connection with  4096Kbit down and 768kbit upload. You have 2GB (Word files, emails, photos) of data you want to save. The  first backup takes about 4.5 hours (note: at an average compressibility of the data, many text, Word, Excel or emails, emails and text can be compressed very good)

After the first backup, which zu can execute for example over night without any further effort, afterward BackUP Motion just saves changes in files.

What are the minimum system requirements to use BackUP Motion?

BackUP Motion was developed to save as much ressources as possible, so even a workstation with 500MHz and 128MB Ram can run it. A detailed description of system requirements is  HERE


Can is use BackUP Motion while beeing online with my datacard/stick?

Yes, if you own a mobile web-datacard your can use BackUP Motion, this takes advantage of our high-compression technology that uses the lowest bandwith possible.

Is it possible to backup my Firefox bookmarks and Thunderbird mails?

Of course, just enter in the settings for backing up just the location of the respective bookmark or email file. This is default on Windows XP C: \ Documents and Settings \ "Your User Name \ Application Data \ Mozilla and Windows Vista / 7 C: \ Users \" Your Username "\ AppData \ Roaming \ Thunderbird 

Can i create a backups with multiple generations?

Yes, with the Professional Edition you can create multiple backup plans.


How often should i run my backup?

You should determine how often (hourly, daily, weekly ..) your data will be sent to our servers. We recommend a daily backup, you can be sure to always have the latest timestamp secured and you have no extra effort because the backup always runs fully automatically.

Backups for various data types are available in the Professional Edition (eg. for databases, system data ...) 


How do i install BackUP Motion on a Windows / Windows Server?

The installation of BackUP Motion to a Windows system was designed as simple and self explanatory as possible.

Therefore, you dont need to be a technician to install the application correctly. A detailed step-by-step instructions can be found HERE


Which operating systems where supportet by BackUP Motion?

A detailed list of supported operating systems can be found HERE.

Who can access my data?

Only you can access their data or decrypt them. We also know the key to decrypt the data is not, thanks to the 128/256Bit encryption, it is absolutely not possible to get at their data. This also means that we trap them in a key loss, unfortunately, can set no access to their data, we recommend just launched a new fuse with a new key to create and delete the old one.


How is the data transmitted from me to the server?

The data is compressed before transmission and strong 128-bit (Home) and 256-bit (Pro) encrpted.

Thanks to this method even professionals have no chance to get to your data. More information can be found HERE

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in a high security datacenter in Vienna. More information can be found Here

Can i use BackUP Motion while using a proxy-server?

Yes BackUP Motion can easily be used with proxy servers, the settings can be found in the advanced options in the login dialog. If you need further information you can use our support form!


What happens when my amount of data exceeds my ordered package?

I the package limit is reached a pop-up will appear. An upgrade on a bigger sized package can be easily ordered and will be applied within 24 hours.


What happens to deleted files?

If you delete your data at the local PC or server BackUP Motion detects this and moves the data on server in a  "Recycle Bin" similar area. The files will be stored for a self-defined period of time and will get then automatically deleted.


How long will erased files be stored on the server?

By default deleted files for 7 days (by default-settings stored in the program) before they are deleted from the Recycle Bin, you can adjust this setting in the application-settings.


How can i reduce my used storage on the server?

Delete not longer needed files from your backup-set (local). If your  limit is still exceeded after cleaninsing your files please contact our sales department for upgrading your package, if ordered your limit will be raised within 24 hours.


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